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Mar 23rd, 2021 | 0 comments

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We have been busy over the winter getting new molds, producing and we are now ready to introduce you to some of the new stuff.

You, our customers, had many great ideas for items that they wanted to see and we were eager to get some of those items on your wish lists!

We love getting in new molds and producing many new items, unfortunately it’s a lengthy process in achieving this. We were excited to attend an auction last February 2020 in Tennessee and were so successful to acquire about 80 new molds to introduce last year.  Although there were more auctions in Tennessee over the last year, with COVID, attending them wasn’t an option.  The benefit to the auction is we got the molds immediately and didn’t have to wait for them to be made… downside is, your limited to what could be available. 

Instead of attending auctions we ordered many new molds based on what our customers were wanting.  There is only a handful of quality mold makers in all of North America, most of which are in the United States.  A lot of emails, texts and conversations back and forth to see if they have an original piece and if they are able to make a mold.

Once we find the mold maker the process of getting it ordered begins.  All of the molds are custom made for order.  Our molds are mainly latex with a fiberglass shell.  Many layers of latex take many weeks before they can even start on the outer shell to provide the stability needed when manufacturing.   Making a mold takes at least 3 months and many times a lot longer.  Then next hurdle is shipping!! I have learnt so much with this process!! Lol Thankful for very knowledgeable people along the way. 


As you can imagine, when waiting for molds, you must be very patient!  But when those molds arrive its like Christmas!! I have to admit when I knew the delivery of 12 new molds was coming from Texas… I may have been running along side the truck as it was coming up the laneway!!


So, after the longwinded explanation… let’s get to the good stuff!! Introducing some of our new line up and keep an eye on the NEW ITEMS tab on the website.  I will get all the new items on there in the very near future. 

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