Frequently Asked Questions


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Can my concrete item stay out all winter?


All of your concrete pieces are made here at our location and we mix specially formulated additives into your cement.   This ensures your pieces winter well.

Your pieces will have no issues during the winter, with one exception:  If your pieces hold or will pool water, then you need to winterize your items.

(See the next question for information on winterization)

How do I ‘winterize’ my piece if it holds water?

The general ‘rule of thumb’ is… to deter the water from pooling in your ornament.

Tip it, Flip it, or Cover it laughing

For example…

Bird Baths –

A one-piece bird bath simply tip it over and leave it laying down.

A two-piece bird bath take the bowl off the pedestal and flip it over on the ground beside.

Planters –

If you’re leaving the soil in it make sure the soil is generously mounded to deter water from being able to stay in the pot.  Even leave the old root ball of the plant this is like added insulation.  Additional protection such as a tarp or a board overtop to cover it will always help in our harsh winters.

If you want to completely empty your planter make sure you tip it on its side or completely overturned for the winter

What does ‘custom color’ mean?

This is where it gets fun, creative, unique and custom!!

We paint many of our concrete ornaments.  We have so much fun experimenting with colors, techniques and sheens.  We have a full showroom of painted ornaments that is constantly changing!

Custom Color, and the price associated with that choice, also means that we can paint your chosen piece however you may want making it uniquely yours!

We have a ‘common color palate’ on the gallery page where you can choose a paint finish.  If you’re looking for something even more unique and custom, we will discuss what that is and try to create it for you.

We can even try to paint your piece going off a picture you send… we do this often with dogs and cats.

We always aim to have these custom orders done within 7-10 days from ordering.


How do I paint my own piece myself?

We recommend that you use exterior latex paints and then give them a concrete sealer clear coat to protect your piece.

What is my painting process?

When we paint a piece here, we use a prepping agent to help prepare the surface of the concrete.  We usually use base coats of a commercial concrete stain.  We then build the colors onto the piece by dry brushing with exterior latex colors and finishes.  Finally, we put on a coat of commercial water based concrete sealer. 

What does dry brushing mean?

This is a painting technique where you slowly build up the color on your piece.  You simply take your paint brush, dip it in your paint, then on a rag or cardboard you take off most of the paint on the brush, essentially leaving it with just a ‘dry’ coat of paint.  You then gently brush it over your piece and build up the color slowly to create the effect you want.

Will painting the concrete make it last longer?

Painting, or any finish, like acid staining only changes the ascetics of the piece.  It just changes the color and look of the natural concrete.  It doesn’t extend the longevity of the piece. 

How long will the painting last?

We have two ways of coloring the concrete.  First is an acid stain, this one will last forever.  It will lighten with time tho… nothing that you would really notice over time, however this acid stain is basically only one brown tone.  Second is painting… our base coat is a commercial stain and then any color or multi colors can go on top and then finished with a clear sealer.  I usually say this one is good for 5-8 years depending on how harsh the elements are, but I even have customers saying its been 10 years and paint is still good.  With my painting process I certainly want to try to provide the longest paint life possible. 

Will bringing in, my painted items, in the winter make the paint last longer?

Of Course! The more you can keep your painted items out of harsh winter elements the better.  But with heavier pieces that isn’t always an option.  Your paint will still last many years if you leave the piece out for the winter.

My paint has flaked or peeled. What can I do?

You can touch it up with exterior latex paint where it has flaked and apply a clear sealer after.

Can you repaint my item?

Yes, I can repaint your item.  The price will be determined on how big the piece is and how it is to be painted, for example is it one or two colors or multiple colors?

I will pressure wash your item to get all the dirt and existing paint off and then will base coat it again and repaint.

Can I repaint my own item?

Yes, just give it a good clean with a pressure washer or hose.  Let it fully dry, then start painting.  Follow with a clear sealer top coat. 

Do I have to seal the concrete piece if I don’t want to have it painted?

No, you don’t need to seal your natural concrete piece.  The natural concrete is fine the way it is sold.  If you choose to seal the natural concrete the piece may get a bit darker with the sealer and will get a slight shine to the piece.  Sealing a natural concrete piece won’t add any added protection or longevity. 

Can you provide shipping?

We certainly ship / assist with shipping.  Some customers insist on shipping because they can’t find our products anywhere else.

However, it’s important to keep in mind some of the issues when it comes to shipping.  They are:

  1. Concrete is very heavy and expensive to ship.  The cost of shipping can be more than the actual product.
  2. Shipping larger items such as benches and big flowerpots are best done by the customer. We can assist you with suggestions and how to arrange for a carrier.
  3. We stand by our products and craftsmanship. However, shipping any items creates variables out of our control.  Damage to products in transit are the responsibility of the customer and carrier.  Once a product has left our facility, the customer / carrier must assume all responsibility.

It may be helpful to discuss shipping prior to deciding to ship.  For questions and requests for assistance when it comes to shipping, please feel free to email us from our contact page with your specific questions.

There are a few tiny ‘holes’ in the concrete. Will they expand or get bigger?

These little ‘holes’ are just where air got stuck when we poured the item.  Sometimes, no matter how much we try to vibrate the air out when pouring concrete, there will be little air pockets.  These will not grow larger or hurt the integrity of your piece.  We only sell quality items that meet our expectations.  Concrete is a natural product and can’t always have a pristine surface like plastic would. 

Can we do custom pieces? For example, I like that statue but can the hands/face/texture be different or larger or smaller than it currently is?

Unfortunately, NO ☹ All of our items are poured concrete into a mold.  So, unless we have the mold, we can’t do custom pieces.  We can do slabs of concrete and sometimes put a void (perhaps a tube or larger hole for a bird bath, for example) in something but that is item specific and always best to ask Cory.

I am looking for (fill in blank here) and I don’t see it on your website. Do you have it?

There are many thousands of items in stock.

The best way to find out if we have the item you want is to search for it using the website search function on the Shop Page.

If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, email us from our contact page.  We love hearing what customers are looking for!  We’re constantly adding new molds to our inventory and our customers are the best guides when we are seaching, buying and ordering new molds.